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Illustrated Cycling 2022
Illustrated Cycling 2022

Illustrated Cycling 2022


Illustrated Cycling 2022 Illustration Competition is now open for entries!

Biennial competition whose main objectives are the dissemination of illustration as a relevant artistic discipline, broad participation in artistic and cultural activities and the promotion of the territory of Torres Vedras. For each edition, a theme is identified that allows exploring the tangible and intangible heritage of Torres Vedras. “Cycling” is the theme chosen for the 1st edition.

Participation is open to all people over 18 years old, through the presentation of an original illustration, upon prior registration until the 24th of May and subsequent delivery of the work until the 31st of May.

The support to be used is paper measuring 30 cm (height) x 40 cm (length) and the technique is free. The jury will select 25 finalist works that will become part of the municipality’s artistic collection. All selected works will be exhibited at Fábrica das Histórias – Casa Jaime Umbelino and at the Joaquim Agostinho Cycling Museum and will be included in a catalogue. The evaluation will have as criteria the presence of a strong concept associated with the theme, the quality of execution and the originality of the work. The contest foresees the attribution of a 1st prize worth €1,500 and a 2nd prize worth €500.  

Until July 22, 2022, the selected works will be announced.

Info:  261 320 738 | 261 315 428 | 917 825 702 |   
Applications:  Until May 24, 2022, the application form must be filled out together with the image of the candidate work and the author, in JPEG format, with a minimum of 300 DPI’s and a declaration of assignment of rights copyright. Until the 31st of May 2022 at 17:00, the illustrations must be delivered to Fábrica das Histórias – Casa Jaime Umbelino, alternatively being sent by registered mail.

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