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The Derwent Art Prize
The Derwent Art Prize

The Derwent Art Prize


The Derwent Art Prize

4 January 2022

Who may enter
The competition is open to artists over the age of 18 years old on 1st January 2022.

The contest is organized by the Derwent Cumberland Pencil Company.

Artists are invited to submit up to 6 images. The submited work must be created in pencil. You can use any pencil including water-soluble, pastel, graphite, charcoal or coloured pencils.

The work must not exceed 182cm in its greatest dimension. There is no minimum size limit.

Only works produced within the last 3 years are acceptable.

2020 Winners

Katie Sollohub Blue Chamber (First Prize)

Xuetong Wang Dog Walker (Young Artist First Prize)

Entry fees
The entry fee is £15 for the first work and £5 for additional works. 

• First Prize: £4,000 plus a year’s supply of Derwent products
• Second Prize: £2,000
• Young Artist First Prize (for artists under 25 years): £4,000 
• Young Artist Second Prize (for artists under 25 years): £2,000
• People’s Choice Award: £500

Competition website
For further information visit the official competition website.

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